Thursday, March 8, 2012

Painting for childrens

Kids really enjoy painting, and what parents often don’t realize is
that painting is a great activity for child development as well. When
they paint, children are able to experiment and express themselves,
which is definitely good for them. There are so many different options
available that you can use to allow kids to paint. Allow them to use
traditional paint, use paint in bottles to apply to paper, let them
paint with glitter, or even go with fun finger paints or bath paints.
Here is a look at some of the excellent benefits developmentally that
children can enjoy when you allow them to paint.

Language and Social Benefits
When it comes to painting, there are a lot of language and social
benefits for your child. Language and social development is important,
and painting gives them the ability to share their equipment, to clean
up their mess, and more. They also get the experience of playing with
shapes, figuring out how shapes look combined, and then get to learn
about colors and how they look when combined.
Allowing kids to use textures when painting is a great way to
increase these developmental benefits. One option is finger paint. With
finger paints kids are able to feel the paint and the things they paint.
Kids can use paints to work on drawing objects or spelling words if
they are a bit older.

Physical Benefits
There are physical developmental benefits for kids when they paint as
well. Painting is wonderful for helping kids to further develop skills
like hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills.
With large spaces they can learn to control larger muscles, and with
small areas they can work on this fine motor skills.
Science and Math Benefits
Math and science benefits can be found as well in painting for children.
When children paint, in order to cover the entire area they are working
with, they develop more spatial awareness. They are able to combine
different shapes, work with curved and shaped lines, and more. Kids
learn more about volume as well with the paints, learning about how much
paint is in a container and more.
When kids are painting, they are able to learn more about colors.
They learn how colors look and what they look like when the colors are
combined. They can experiment with the colors, mixing them to get other
colors. With different paint forms, they can mix the paints to get
different textures and thicknesses as well.
As you can see, there is so much that kids can learn, just through
painting. Painting makes a great activity for child development and it
is definitely an activity that parents should allow their children to
engage in on a regular basis, despite the mess that can occur.


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